Don't be a Douche :)

Rant alert!!

 It is 3D-ish related but not necessarily to any of the disciplines. I'm no expert, I don't pretend to be, I like helping other users, it warms my squishy little heart to do so whenever I can. But it really irks me sometimes when people indulge in a bit too much douche-baggery online.

There are some people who will have a problem, know what they need to find yet ask others to do the research for them instead of shuffling their asses on over to the help docs, search a forum or even Google. It just makes me want to e-poke them in the eye.

Don't moan and groan that a tutorial is too long and that you want someone else to summarize it for you, be thankful the tutor goes into details instead of taking the "monkey see, monkey do" approach, especially if its for free. When you whine about that, you come across as impatient and lazy and that's not a good look, so just shut up and go through it. Sounds harsh doesn't it?

This next bit is mostly for my newbie peeps :). There is nothing wrong with not posting your work online, if you're not comfortable with the idea yet then that's fine. When you do, it will be something that you are proud of, and with saying that, I feel the need to add this....learn to take critique, and I'm talking real critique not some "Oh, you need to make that character's boobs bigger" tripe, I'm talking "More, torch light, less fluorescent lighting because right now it's not looking much like a Medieval dungeon" type critique. The minute you start making it seem like you made something look like crap on purpose because you're too proud to admit your limitations, is the minute you will most likely turn off anyone who can actually help you and is considering taking the time to do so. Also, poking around online strangers for a free personal tutor probably won't work out either, you're not special.

Putting your work or questions out there doesn't guarantee responses, if someone is interested in saying something, they will. "NEED HELP FAST!!!!" titles, and "SOMEONE HELP ME NOW PLEASE" bump comments will most likely:

1. Change nothing
2. Get comments that will most likely deflate your ego and still not help you.

No, post counts and sign up dates don't make you cooler, at least not to anyone over 13.

Telling a fellow artist that their work sucks and saying to them how you'd be too ashamed to post something like that, isn't cool, and that's even if your skill level is high. Of course, the more skilled among us know what it takes to be good and wouldn't piss all over a new user's work like that, though I've seen a few exceptions. If something is bad, talk about what could be improved instead of acting like some guy just ran up to your PC and smeared shit on your screen.

Asking for keygens, cracks and serials on a forum where industry artists and developers hang is not only rude its downright retarded.

Getting online and asking for help with a Uni project will most likely leave you stranded (when I say "help", I mean the "Hey, can you model this for me?" type help). Asking fellow students, OK. But I can't imagine the course that leans on asking random people on the net to help you create content. Disguising it as a personal project is not only transparent, its also quite lame -_-

This rant went on a wee bit longer than I expected.




  1. totally appreciate and love this rant. it needed to be said.

  2. Ha! Thank you. I couldn't resist <3

  3. K so i'm like, 7 months late here, but You're My Hero!, thank you.

    That being said, I woudl also like to thank muh mate Jay for being my personal Tutor years ago now? or something. when i was a snot nosed Noob that thought my perfect cube with 600 poly's was the shit. LoL

  4. Well you're a "snot nosed noob" no more :p Hanging out with people who have similar interests and learning from them is one thing (I find that pretty cool actually). I was talking more about those "looking for personal tutor" threads that get started by people with screen names that the community has never even seen. Like, hell everybody would love that but what makes that guy so special that to think he'd get it all willy nilly like that.


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