Tile Rendering Option now available for Maya to Backburner!

Easy options to split your super, mega, huge images into sections that can be handled by available resources.

Random Render: Fruit Bowls

Trying out some texture painting do's and don'ts in Mudbox.

Interior Lighting

Lighting a small interior with Mental Ray for Maya's physical sky and taking advantage of camera tools.

Jan 28, 2010


Think I'm actually going to finish this one.



Playing around with undertones and stuff.

Jan 17, 2010


This is a combination of two mia_materials via the color mix node. [Blogspot's compression was pretty brutal on this :s]

Random Render Idea

I'm thinking about making "random render" posts and giving them their own category.  The little twiddling arounds you do when you're bored or uninspired,  fun enough to save the results but too small to be called a "project".

Jan 15, 2010

Blog Tweaks

Making a few changes to the blog.  I'm merging the sketch blog and my Maya blog, because quite frankly, I was neglecting my sketching and that's no good.  Who knows, I might just switch up the blog design since its all 2010 and stuff, keyword "might".  I need to fight depression and get the ol' juices flowing [we'll see how that works out lol].

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