Tile Rendering Option now available for Maya to Backburner!

Easy options to split your super, mega, huge images into sections that can be handled by available resources.

Random Render: Fruit Bowls

Trying out some texture painting do's and don'ts in Mudbox.

Interior Lighting

Lighting a small interior with Mental Ray for Maya's physical sky and taking advantage of camera tools.

Oct 20, 2011

MR Assmeblies and Passes

I didn't make it in time for the challenge (bummer ><) but I'm continuing work on this Dream Office project. As I add more stuff, I started running into memory problems, which is to be expected, no biggie. I've used mip_binaryproxies before and didn't have any issues, so I figured I'd give assemblies a shot, it doesn't hurt to learn, right? Wow! what a pain in the ass they've been so far!

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