Blog Title Change

Wow, ok so I was flipping through the keywords that lead folks to this site and lately I noticed a particular combination kept popping up from many different areas across the world.  I poked around some more only to have my suspicions cemented, yep it was porn.  So now, my blog title will undergo a little overhaul.  I was pondering changing it anyway, as clearly this site isn't only about Maya.  Yes, I know CG artists watch porn too and some could stumble in that way but I think it's best that I change it. So's out there.


  1. I loved the title though!
    Darn, now I have no excuse to look up porn :p

  2. Tsk tsk, hiding your "activities" behind my blog lol. Yeah there has been a load of traffic based on those keywords. Also, I didn't know you maintained a blog, a non-cg one at that o_O

  3. Joopson, you wanna answer that? :p

  4. Porn =
    1: (v) Gods Gift to the lonely virginal heart. "I love the way my porn time makes me feel Sooo good"

    2:(n)A Type of Entertainment including varied yet interesting and sometimes comical insertions. " Did you see the new Porn clip on Wild and They used a Bowling Pin!"

    3: (Pro-Noun) Descriptive Noun used in conjunction with with a prefix or a suffix with endearment to describe a persons interest. " My old friend Andy, He's a gorsh darn Porn-aholic!"

    4: (adverb) Descriptive word used to denote someones profession. " Brianna Banks is one Hot Porn

    5: (adj.) A new type of Computer Graphics Blog. " Did you see Genny's new post on her nasty porn spot? Apparently she couldn't get the darn Pyramid to slide properly into that Cubes Extruded face. I think she needs to work on her Vert placement in that Edge loop!"

    I hope this has been educational for you all


  5. Hahaahhaha well played G-man.

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  7. What blog would that be? I have a couple. One is music, and one is political in a way.. Oh, the political one of course, hahaha. Well, I don't maintain it really, it hasn't been updated in a while, and I think I only wrote on it once, while my brother and cousin wrote slightly more.


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