Random Render_Cherries

Trying to get back into the swing of things, and I was going through some old stuff and I stumbled on a fruit scene.  Its a simple enough scene for some bug testing for some shader, camera and light setup scripts.  On second sight, their reflectivity may have not been blurred enough.


  1. Hi !

    Wow that is a amazing shader. And picture.

    I'm doing some tutorials my self. But very basic compared to this stuff. have you made any video tutorials?

    You can check some of mine out at: http://poly-face.com

    I will be following this site :)


  2. Hey Dennis,

    No I haven't made any videos..well no I have but they are more like personal notes for reference so I wouldn't call those tutorials.

    It's good that you add sarcasm to your videos. You appear to be having some graphical issues though.

  3. Did you use photoshop for the light on the closeup cherrie? the one on the left...

  4. That was added in After Effects with Sapphire's "glint" effect.


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