Random Render: You Better Buy

We've all seen them, the pre-built computers standing together on the store shelf, depressed and ashamed after being fondled then ignored day after day. These machines tend to have one good (sometimes not that good) component that is used to beat the consumer about the neck and face and the rest of it is just mystery meat. I know not everyone is inclined to learn about the components of their computer. It doesn't matter as long as it does what its supposed to do, right? That's fair enough, but it sure doesn't hurt to be an informed consumer!

I kept thinking of all the PCs I see people purchase, the various builds, how much they've overpaid and this image was born. And I apologize to anyone who bought an Aurora R4 :P.

Scene info:

Mental Ray physical sky and some mia materials.  The glass for the store front is using a gradient in it's transparency since I wanted to show just a little of the interior so it doesn't look totally empty but it's a quick scene so I didn't want to model all that.

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