Do Your Poly Models have CG-itis?

Well what is CG-itis? It is a condition where 3D models have a somewhat blocky unnatural look due to razor sharp edges at every turn. Those most at risk are hard surface models such as chairs, desks and John Deere tractors. Is there a cure or a vaccine? Why yes there are, several in fact.

*look to camera 2 and smile*

- Build the model for smoothing: inserting edge loops or splitting where you want to keep definition, the closer the edges, the harder the definition.

- Use the "Bevel" Poly operation, it comes in handy if you're not planning on smoothing the entire model but just want rid yourself of some sharp corners.

- Use the "mia_roundcorners". Its a Mental Ray texture that's plugged into the bump slot of an mia_material. It's "radius" attribute acts like the "offset" attribute of a polygonal bevel operation. Test render away.

And something a tad more complex than a cube on a plane -_-. I used the "insert edge loop" cure in this one.

Fell off the wagon :(

Note to self: I need to get back into 2D, my poor little Intuos is catching dust lol.