Back on the Logitech G700 Train

Oh the joy that's washing over me! My new mouse is here! Last Christmas I received a Logitech G700 wireless mouse as a gift and fell totally in love with it but unfortunately it was defective. Over some months its tracking ability started having problems, from stuttering to just being plain unresponsive. I changed USB ports, cables, batteries, even tried different machines and found out that it tracked on my Wacom tablet surface. Well, at least for a while, then I was forced to use a glossy magazine, at that point trying to use it on a cloth or plastic mouse pad was impossible as it seemed like the laser was dying. I figured I'd have the manufacturer do something about it.

The support was fast and I didn't get any bullshit, like none whatsoever (I know right!). I was still under warranty since it hadn't even been six months and they started the replacement process right away, sweet! :3 In the meantime I went back a non-ergonomic mouse I had sitting around and even though I got accustomed to it pretty quickly, it started causing discomfort so I had to stop. So now that it's May 17th 2013 I figured I'd write up a post as a marker of when I started using this new mouse in hopes of not needing to replace it for years to come.