Interior Lighting with Mental Ray Physical Sky

This post has been in the back of my mind for a while now and I figured why not jump in and start my ramblings. Ever since I've discovered linear lighting, I haven't looked back.  I've settled into a workflow with which I'm pretty comfortable (I do find myself tweaking it of course) and I figured I’d assemble my heap of random notes into something coherent...kind of.   It might help someone get on the road to making some of those Ikea like shots.

Technical Difficulties: PC Down

This weekend is going so great! It all started when I gutted my PC to do some proper dusting, which is a labour of love, every fan blade, every nook and cranny is cleaned. I reinstalled Windows, which is such a fun and exciting process, I mean who wouldn't be overjoyed with such a task. O.k that last bit was sarcastic. Had no problems, she was running fine, installed drivers, security software, some common utility software, you know the stuff that gets a new install rolling. I had to step away for a while so I powered her down. The case is still open and sitting on my desk, I turn it on and seconds later, a plume of acrid smoke comes rushing out at me, I shut it down and yanked the power cord so fast that I didn't realize I was shrieking wtf in a pretty steady stream. I was mortified and kinda relieved at the same time, it seems to have come only from the power supply but who knows if it damaged anything else. I tested it (the power supply) and it was shot to shit, oh well. I already ordered a new one from Newegg, but I'm stuck on my iPad for now yay!