MR Assmeblies and Passes

I didn't make it in time for the challenge (bummer ><) but I'm continuing work on this Dream Office project. As I add more stuff, I started running into memory problems, which is to be expected, no biggie. I've used mip_binaryproxies before and didn't have any issues, so I figured I'd give assemblies a shot, it doesn't hurt to learn, right? Wow! what a pain in the ass they've been so far!

Server Rack

More updating!  Even though this is my "Dream" office, I would feel guilty having more than a few of these >.> and by few I mean like 10 or 20, ha!  Of course I'm kidding.

Office Chair

I haven't updated the project shots in a while, so I'll start with this.  This chair was actually kinda fun to model as I could see myself twirling around in it and dashing back and forth across the floor.

It's actually a cross between these two chairs (with some custom tweaks).

Sofa tryouts

I don't know if its because I've been looking at this too long or what, but I'm really considering moving away from this design before I go any further than the cushions.

Dream Office: various furniture

Progress shots

Dream Office: Basic Interior

Updating the progress on the Dream Office challenge, I really should've posted a while ago.

I've gotten the room shaped up, ran some quick tests, so far so good. Put down some placeholder furniture. The beach is basically a slope(sand) that goes down into a box (ocean).  Why a box for the ocean instead of a plane? Because I'm using the mia_material's refraction falloff color to transition from nice crystal clear water to deep blue! ^^ The backdrop needs a bit of tweaking but that's small potatos right now.

The lighting setup is pretty simple, its the physical sky and a massive portal light.  There are about 6-7 mia_materials, regrettably, I didn't even bother to turn on AO ><, as it would have compensated somewhat for the low FG settings, you can see that especially in the corners and up in the rafters.

Dream Office Challenge Floor Plan

I decided to give Google Sketchup a shot (I'm late I know, I know, gosh!).  I really like this program it's so quick, simple and cute, however I can't linger on it too long as I have a TON of modeling and texturing to do!  Here's mah floor plan, high ceiling, towering windows etc.  I'm going for something "semi-practical", I caught myself thinking wacky stuff like reclining, potato chip and soda dispensing computer chairs and I had to pump my brakes on that, as I'd have to make the whole room equally wacky and that's not what I want.

Dream Office Challenge

New SimplyMaya/SimplyLightwave two month challenge is up and on the way.  Official rules found here.  I'm entering this one for sure, I mean really, creating one's dream office without any real limits, I just must participate I just have to!

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Favorite Toy Challenge Winners

 It took me a little bit to post this, stuff got in the way, what's new.  The winners of the SimplyMaya/SimplyLightwave challenge have been announced! I can only imagine how tough it must have been for the judges as the turn out was pretty sweet, as seen in the final entry thread. Other than “Damn good job guys”, there isn't much more that I can say.

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Simply Maya and Simply Lightwave Challange

    It's going down!  Maya and Lightwave users, The new Simply3D challenge has been announced and this time it's a two month challenge involving the two sibling sites with beefed up prizes!  The theme is "Favorite Toys".

Prizes are:

1st prize - $500 USD.
2nd prize - Lifetime Membership for the respective site.
3rd Prize - The Art of Toy Story 3.

    When I get back home I'm really thinking about taking a crack at this, sounds fun.   Well that's all for now, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody bring it!

Simply Maya
Simply Lightwave 

Simply Maya April Challenge Winners

    Simply Maya has been hosting monthly challenges and April's challenge has just come to a close. The challenge theme was “Low Poly game character (New design)“.   The final entries were posted and the judges have made their decision.  We had a good turn out and a lot of people finished their projects, which is surprising as life tends to just get in the way of such things. There were a few pieces I would have really liked to see finished as they showed promise (you know who you are :p) but sometimes it can't be help, priorities are priorities.

 First prize went to RockyMills_01 for his revamp of Toe Jam and Earl.

Second place went to Tweetytunes for his remake of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve.

Third place went to Stwert for his concoction of Worms fused with Valve's Half Life.

Everybody put forward good effort, but there could be only...three?   Good job guys!

PMM updated

Made some changes to PMM as it was turning some SSS shaders black, namely the skin shader.  Also a few minor tweaks concerning texture display.

Download Section

PMM release

Opened a download section and uploaded my first script so yay!  PMM Linear Lighting Buddy is now posted.  It's a series of scripts I've been creating to deal with gamma workflow in Maya and can be downloaded here. ^^

Download Section

Newbie Trials

I love newbies! They're so awesome and full of that raw passion and eagerness. And even though they have limited technical knowledge, they try making these half hour long movies anyway, some even finish and share, and that gets a thumbs up from me, partly because I envy that kind of motivation. Now, I can appreciate the work of seasoned folks but the newbie stuff just has a special place in my heart and I don't see that ever changing.

Getting to a point where you can pretty much do your own thing, your own way is quite challenging, especially when you're learning on your own.