PMM - LWF Script

PMM is a set of scripts accessed via a UI I made to make linear lighting for Mental Ray in Maya less painful (and it was also a way to force myself to finally learn MEL <3).

Either source it in the Script Editor or upon Maya startup. Or you can copy paste the whole script in the Script Editor and execute it(not as elegant but it works).

Then all you have to do is run this code:



Provides an option to reset all the name fields and help >.>.

Quick access to editors:

- Hypershade

- Look Thru opens a new floating window that allows the user to view the scene through any single light, camera or geometry.


Creates a camera & aim with the user defined name and attached a few other nodes and works as follows:

- Attaches photographic lens shader. It creates a photographic lens shader if none is found in the scene otherwise you can choose from a list of existing exposure lenses.

- Attaches bokeh Dof lense shader that is OFF by default.

- Attaches distance measurment setup for the distance between the camera and the distance dummy, this information is fed to the bokeh lens shader to determine focal distance.  The distance dummy is contrained to the camera's aim node by default but can be independant/dependant based on whether the user sets the parent contraint's weight to 0 or 1.

-  Toggle Tonemapping check box grabs the first photographic lens shader and detaches/attaches it from all cameras except the Maya default persp and ortho cameras.

Note: Future update will toggle tonemapping on selected cameras only to avoid issues with scenes that have multiple exposure lenses.

-  Toggle Sky grab the first sky shader found and toggles that on or off, but will not mess with the default persp camera.


Creates a visible gamma corrected area light with quadratic decay and high intensity to compensate. If the gamma node is not desired then it can be removed using the gamma correction options. See section 5.

The portal light option does not include a gamma node.

Both options opens a new floating window, viewing the scene through the light.


Add or remove gamma correction from selected nodes or all supported nodes found in scene. The script can affect "shaders" "lights" or both.  The "MULE" option creates Maya standard shaders as viewport stand-ins for the Mental Ray shaders.  The MULE shader uses color, bump, and transparency to mimic the Mental Ray shader.  MULES will be deleted with the removal option.


Change filter settings on file nodes in scene and/or rename all file textures using the name of the system file.

The gamma correct script will check if the UV texture editor is opened, if not, it will open it to display the texture plugged into the shader so the viewport displays for shaders don't look like crap.

Supported Shaders





Edit: 10/27/2020 This script will no longer be updated because I've swapped to Redshift and Mental Ray has basically fallen out of use.