PMM User Interface

Making a bit of progress on the UI for PMM yay.  It's weird but I found it waaay easier to make the other scripts.  Scripting a UI just feels really clumsy or maybe it's because I haven't gotten quite used to it yet. /shrug

 The first UI I ever created and I'm just so proud ^_^.


  1. Look Pa!, she's all grown up now. Isn't it so cute!!!

    Good job, You've come so far, since i advised you that creation expressions can be used to randomly adjust the mass of particles ..( Or was that Ctbrahm i told that too? o.O )..I'm so proud :)


  2. I think that was Ctbrahm because I don't remember that one lol :p. I find myself adding more and more functionality to this, I need to set a cut off point.


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