Yay Arroway !

Once in a blue moon I tend to make impulse purchases, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! >.>  I got the Arroway Textures - All in One Bundle and didn't expect it to get here so soon but it did and ...wow, these textures are freaking sweet!  I need to curb my enthusiasm as I'm prancing down fan girl alley right about now but really these textures are pretty awesome.  Consider this post a squirt of excitement.

I should note, the resolution of these images are HUGE so if you were to throw these in your scene all carefree, you will have to deal with insanely long shader swatch refresh times, which is known to induce swelling of the temples and homicidal thoughts.  But wait, they have pills for that, you can use David's mod djx - toggle hypershade thumbnail updates or you can put this script on a shelf or something, I dunno.


if (`renderThumbnailUpdate -q` == 1){
renderThumbnailUpdate 0;

print ("Thumbnail update is off.\n");

}else if (`renderThumbnailUpdate -q` == 0){
renderThumbnailUpdate 1;

print ("Thumbnail update is on.\n");




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