Mudbox Texturing Tips

Have I ever said how much I adore Mudbox? Well I'm saying it now. Mudbox is such a treat! If it had a smudge paint tool, it would be pretty much perfect. Yes, if you get creative with the blur tool and a nice somewhat randomized brush tip you can sorta, kinda get a makeshift smudge but it's not quite a replacement for the Photoshop smudge tool.

Anyway, all textures with the exception of the wooden surface were handcrafted in Mudbox with love :3

Here is my list of Do's and Don'ts so far.


  • Set the brush strength to 100% and start each texture channel with a dedicated base coat.
  • When in doubt, make a new layer and make-sure-you-name-them.
  • Make an empty layer under which to group all other layers that contribute to an effect, it's the closest I got to simulating Photoshop layer groups.

  •  Depend on "undo" after switching back from soloing a layer (hopefully it's something I'm doing wrong).
  •  Don't merge layers without a backup copy.

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