I've Defected to Redshift!

It's official.  I've made the switch to Redshift.  And now, zero watermarks (which were surprisingly discreet to begin with)  /doesALittleDance


  1. Can you describe the differences between the other render engine you know and used.. if possible focusing on the shaders comparison.

    You know VRAY? RenderMan? Arnold? can't you include those three in the comparison, as well as Mental Ray?


  2. Hey Andrea,
    Sorry for the late response. I did try Vray for Maya but not long enough to render an in depth opinion, same for PRman. Redshift and VRay have some things in common like the primary and secondary GI engine feature, complete with Irradiance cache and brute force options. Arnold is very easy to use but I found that the kind of sampling I’d need for interiors (which is a common scenario for me) killed my render times so it wasn’t an option. The standard shaders for Redshift, Arnold, Mental Ray and to an extent Vray, have fairly similar naming conventions and organization, except Vray has a tendency to use “amount” instead of “weight” for example. But if you’re familiar with one engine, you can pick up the others pretty easily, the trickier part is optimization. Hope I answered you question! 


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