Backburner Job Window – Tile Rendering Added!

Alright so I've finally gotten this thing to work! I've updated Maya's send job to Backburner window. Along with a few UI changes, I've added the option to split the image into tiles and send a different job for each one. Of course this is handy when rendering for print where images can get too large for system resources to handle.

 The tile rendering options are pretty straightforward. Whatever values are entered into the “X by Y” fields specify how to split the image into rows and columns.

The script creates tiles in rows starting from the bottom left.

 All images will have a label appended to the file names that indicate their coordinates like "myPrettyRender_region_x0_y0.tif".

The “Pixel Overlap” value will extend the left and bottom sides of tiles as long as those edges are not border edges. This can be useful in a situation where there are aliasing issues and edges aren't seamless.  Default is no overlap.

Other interface tweaks:

  • Changed the job priority control from an integer input to a drop down menu(it was going to be this or a slider and the menu won out)
  • Organized the UI layout so now the user can resize and scroll through the window and collapse and expand frames. Along with some prettier colors :D
  • Added “Skip Existed Frame” like in the render settings.
Edit: 04/19/2014
Added a version for Maya 2012 and earlier since a missing procedure was causing an error

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  1. nice work! I tried sending a vray job to backburner with skip existing frame checked. However it is overwriting existing image.

    Is there other options that i need to set to make it work?

  2. Hmm I think you're right, I'll poke around when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Ok facepalm moment incoming, I read "I tried sending a job to backburner". Totally did not see you were talking about V-Ray(which I don't use) so here I was thinking I messed up something in the script. If the trial can batch render then after the holidays I'll see if I can implement something!

    2. Not that I've forgotten but further development of this is on hold due to time constraints.

    3. Hello Gen T. Looking forward for the development for V Ray :D

  3. Is there anyway this could be updated for Maya 2018 and Arnold? It is an awesome script!


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