Minecraft Textures in Maya

Recently, someone on Simply Maya was having problems working with their Minecraft textures in Maya. The textures required unfiltered realtime display or else they would look blurry and terrible. The problem is that Maya would reset this every time the scene loads. You can imagine this would get pretty frustrating having to do this every time for every single shader!

Essentially, when you choose "Nearest(Unfiltered)" from the drop down menu under the shader hardware texturing options, you're not directly manipulating the shader's attributes. What's really happening is that it launches a series of scripts that go searching for another node attached to the shader, the materialInfo node and changes an attribute there to a value that corresponds to the menu selection. This node controls some of the shader's realtime appearance, in this case, surface texture.

Default filter and Unfiltered

Even if the user finds this node and directly changes this attribute, the reset problem still persists(even locking it makes no difference)! Not only that, but the texture doesn't update automatically when the attribute is changed, the 3D space needed to be redrawn. Boo!

My script behaves similarly to the ones the drop down menu activates, except that it acts on the entire scene , it even does auto refresh. The script node it creates enables this script to run every time the scene is opened. No more awful looking Minecraft textures in Maya!

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