Maya to Backburner Additions: Render Regions

My old frenemy the Backburner window has asked me out to lunch again and I've accepted. What am I talking about?  I'm adding options to add render region flags to the job which is handy when rendering insanely large images for print. Thanks David for highlighting this handy feature (that is oh so surprisingly missing from this comprehensive option window >.>).

While I'm not married to this method, this is the direction I'm heading at the moment. The user will be allowed toggle the option and to also enter two values and the image will be subdivided based on these values.

For example this 4 by 2 tile setup. Of course the image can be split only horizontally or vertically as well. I'm trying to make this as simple and as fluid as possible.

4x2 Split
Then a job will be sent for each tile.

There are a couple features that I'd like to add as well:

  • the option to use the tile size as the image size, so instead of each tile being a portion of a large and mostly blank image and using up more resources

  • an option to overlap the tiles a bit, the user enters a value and the tiles will have these additional pixels in the +x and +y direction. Just in case of inconsistencies caused by anti aliasing and whatever.

 But these are not a priority.  Hopefully, I can progress a bit this weekend. And I really mean hope. I've also been having some serious mental blocks and problems focusing (more so than usual lol) and I suspect I'm overthinking it. Either way, going to try to power through this sucker :).


Done and done! Tile Rendering Added>>

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